The current unemployment rate in Europe has been low for quite a while. Unfortunately, this results in understaffing in the industrial sector, especially when it comes to qualified skilled workers. As a result, many companies decide to hire workforce from Poland or non-EU countries.  

Polish workers often have the skills and qualifications which enable them to fill vacancies that cannot be filled because of the lack of local skilled workers. Seeking employment in Europe is also common among citizens of non-EU countries. Both groups are known and respected for their diligence and responsibility.

People looking for work in Europe are often determined, reliable and highly motivated. More and more employers are discovering the advantages of hiring foreign workforce and are increasingly happy with their decision. Foreign workers often decide to stay on permanent contracts. The fact is that recruitment is a multi-step process, especially when foreign workforce is taken into consideration. This is when collaboration with local recruitment agencies starts paying off, as these companies know their market and have the right specialists to recommend. Our experience allows us to find the right candidates to match the needs of our customers.

 Recruitment: construction workers (painters, roofers, steel fixers, plasterers)

The process behind hiring workforce may become time-consuming and expensive. Finding the right candidates and onboarding them is often time-consuming and costly.

Our focused specialization covers a number of occupations in the construction sector and also professional drivers.
As a result of this, our employment efficiency rate is quite high. Before we do business with a potential partner we conduct a detailed interview which enables us to find out whether we can help with the recruitment process. It can also help to convince the other party that they can rely on us to do our job. We have the resources necessary to effectively recruit candidates. We have the capacity to assess potential candidate’s practical skills in the context of a particular vacancy in your company or in cooperation with our trusted partners.


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