Recommend Work Partner Service!

If you work and your company is looking for workers, Work Partner Service has a partnership offer for you.

Is your company looking for workers? Recommend Work Partner Service

If you know a company that needs workers, you can help them out and recommend Work Partner Service. At the moment we are sending work teams out to the countries of the „old Union” (EU 15). Do you work in one of those countries? Do you know any companies in need of workers? Tell them about us and start making profits!

Contract conclusion and first profits

We sign a contract with you and each month you earn profits for each hour worked by the workers we provided.

After settling the details we also sign a contract with the company you delegated to us.

The company gains a trustworthy employee and you get additional profits. And this is how you can earn with Work Partner Service! It’s very simple! We have found ourselves in a situation where many people take up a second job in order to achieve their goals. Thanks to our partnership programme all you need to do is keep your eyes and ears open and recommend Work Partner Service to companies in need. Get in touch with us if you need additional income and know any companies looking for workers.

Workers from Work Partner Service

After the company interested in recruiting more workers contacts us, we analyse its needs. We provide professional drivers for the transport industry and specialised workers for the construction industry – we have workers ready to undertake duties in any role, including unskilled labour. We are able to match suitable workforce for the company in need.

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