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Management – CE Category Driver Rental

Work Partner Service was established by transport and HR experts and professionals to cater for all business needs. All our staff has extensive experience, previously working for the ADR Network – UK and other transport companies based in continental Europe. Thanks to this, we keep track of all the changes in the TSL sector and understand just how crucial human resources management is. Work Partner Service is proactively responding to the challenges accompanying the transport sector. Our response to his is CE Driver Rental! This is a new service that we just recently introduced. We are aware that this option resolves many problems, facilitates expansion into the international arena for Polish transport companies, and contributes to reinforcing the position of a given company on the market.

Every transport company is a complex economic organism that must be nurtured so that all the elements comprising the whole fit perfectly together. Should any element fail or be ineffective – the company will suffer and, sooner or later, this will impact the company’s financial condition. One of the key factors that underpin the success of a transport business in the market are skilled and experienced drivers. That is why the phrase ‘CE Driver’ is not just any combination of random words for us. We understand the vast needs of transport companies and know exactly how to satisfy them. As experts in the field, we boast an extensive portfolio that results from many years of experience and countless successfully resolved problems. Thanks to this, we have established effective cooperation with companies of various sizes that benefit from our services.

Putting Theory into Practice – Driver Rental

Work Partner Service handles the preparation of drivers for the job. This means that we ensure the knowledge and practical skills that are required on the job are implemented by the driver, wherever they are placed. We know full well that the best effects are achieved through tried and tested solutions and effective problem-solving in the specific company. That’s why we train our staff before they go on the job. We do this ‘on site’ at the company where they will be working. Thanks to this, we can get to know the ins and outs of the business, prepare and train the driver so that they meet all the needs and requirements of the Client. Our goal in this respect is to provide a professional and independent driver to cater for your needs. This is possible because we equip them with all the tools necessary: they become familiarised with the mechanisms of action in place in difficult, challenging and unusual situations and master the fundamentals of freight forwarding and transport. A professional driver who has been prepared by us will be a true asset to your company and will understand exactly how your business works. With us, from now on, forwarders and transport managers are relieved of such additional burdens. The drivers we rent are trained to handle most issues on their own. The CE drivers that are part of our team of prepared to do their job to the highest standards. See for yourself – our actions produce tangible results and the drivers trained by us are ready to carry out their duties in compliance with the highest professional standards.