Beginning of 2022, half of the road carriers are short of personnel

It is undeniable that road freight transport industry struggles with a lack of willing and capable employees. Currently, a little over half of the employers in the road transport sector experience difficulties in conducting business caused by a shortage of employees. More often than not standard recruitment endeavours pursued by HR departments on local markets prove to be insufficient, in which case cooperation with an employment agency for drivers is a viable solution. It ensures the much needed security and comfort in planning the next steps of development without worrying about personnel.

Too many truck driver jobs remain vacant

The number of vacancies in road freight transport continues to be very high. This situation is further exacerbated by a growing number of drivers going into retirement. However, this void can be easily filled by employees from Poland who have the required competences and experience. Our agency undertakes to thoroughly examine drivers with respect to both their driving and language skills before commencing cooperation. Check us out! As transport industry continues to develop, employers anticipate further increase in the demand for workers in 2022 and the following years. Cooperation with WPS may very well be the solution you need to address the shortage of drivers in the years to come.

Statistical analyses show that the percentage of companies experiencing shortage of employees in road freight transport has not been this high since 2014. According to Statistics Netherlands, staffing problems constitute the most notable obstacle for companies pursuing stable development.

Shortage of driver is not an issue for employment agencies specialising in truck drivers

Available data pertaining to the number of vacancies for truck drivers and other employees in transport and logistics indicate a steady demand for and growing shortage of workers. In the last quarter of 2021 there were 10 400 openings for drivers and 15 300 for logistics workers. We can help you address the problem by providing support in the recruitment process at your company. Together we can also establish a solid cooperation system with efficient work cycles and shifts between drivers to ensure continuous work throughout the year. This goes a long way to minimize downtime, and we all know the weekly cost generated by a vehicle on standby.

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