Driving Force: Unlocking the Potential of Your Transportation Company with Skilled Drivers

Recruiting and training truck drivers is an extremely important issue for transport companies. Searching for suitable employees who not only possess the skills of driving heavy-duty vehicles but also have knowledge of regulations and norms related to the transportation of goods can be time-consuming and demanding. Therefore, it is worth using the services of employment agencies specializing in the recruitment of truck drivers.

Searching for truck drivers is not only a matter of finding suitable candidates but also providing them with appropriate training. Truck drivers should not only be able to drive vehicles but also have technical knowledge of heavy-duty trucks, road regulations, cargo transportation, and logistics. Therefore, before starting work, it is worth conducting appropriate training and tests for candidates to ensure that they are adequately prepared for driving trucks.

Our truck driver employment agency offers comprehensive solutions for transport companies. We have our own tractor units that allow us to conduct practical tests for drivers before starting work. Additionally, we have NEN and KIWA agency work certificates, which indicate the high quality of our services and our ability to meet the requirements related to the recruitment of truck drivers.

In addition to recruiting truck drivers, our employment agency also specializes in recruiting employees for the logistics sector. We offer employees for warehouses and logistics work who have the appropriate qualifications and experience in their fields. Thanks to this, we can provide comprehensive solutions for transport companies that are looking for not only truck drivers but also warehouse and logistics workers.

If you are looking for an employment agency that will help you with the recruitment and training of truck drivers and employees for the logistics sector, we invite you to cooperate with our agency. We are experts in the field of recruiting and training transport and logistics employees, and our experience and knowledge will enable you to find suitable employees for your company.