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WPS Philosophy – Driver Work

Theory is always necessary when learning. But it is practice that counts in the economy. Our team fully agrees with this philosophy, which is why we focus on providing the practical skills necessary to professional drivers. The testing and training process takes place in the workplace of the hired driver. Our activities are related to the road haulage segment and We have the transport means to meet our needs. Hence, we know exactly which aspects of a CE driver’s work are the most important for hauliers so that their company is able to operate efficiently, grow and develop. Thanks to our practical approach, only tried and tested, highly qualified and comprehensively skilled candidates enter the market.

We build our team through recommendations, as we have found that this system works best in practice. That is why, at Work Partner Service, you will find drivers who have a portfolio of recommendations. In-depth knowledge of the realities of the Polish labour market and transport sector have best equipped us to provide the right candidates for the job. We know from experience that this is the best, although time-consuming, way of building a solid and reliable team – a team that always, unfailingly meets 100% of the expectations. We are convinced that the rental of professional drivers not only from abroad but also from Poland is the best way of covering the staffing needs in the Polish transport sector. Clearly, many domestic transport companies are prevented from spreading their wings because of the shortages in professional and experienced CE driver availability. According to our estimates, the understaffing levels in Polish road transport companies have reached a level of approx. 20%. Now, you can change the fate of your company and do something about this! Contact us and see for yourself – we have the solutions to all these problems.

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We make it our goal to get to know all the needs and expectations of the company doing business with us, particularly its specific characteristics and staffing needs – thanks to this, we can select the right workers from our team to do exactly what is required of them. Every person in the team has at least 12 months of work experience as a CE driver in the European Union. We place a great deal of emphasis on the training and honing of decision-making skills, particularly in difficult and unusual situations (unexpected situations on the road, communication difficulties between drivers and clients, customs and roadside checks, etc.), which are commonplace in transport activities.



Once you sign the contract with us as a driver hire agency, we will handle everything for you. We are responsible for the recruitment of suitably qualified and experienced CE drivers who will fully understand your work environment and your needs. We take on all the formalities relating to driver hire and getting them ready for the job to relieve you of this hassle. If this is a driver from Ukraine, our driver recruitment agency will handle all the formalities concerning their legal employment and stay (visa, worker permit, and driver attestation, etc.). We also ensure that the driver has been prepared for the job and that they carry out all the duties and obligations required of drivers working in road haulage companies. We are ready to swiftly provide you with the right workers for the job.



Our business partners have suggested that it’s worth opening to new worker recruitment markets and, in so doing, we now have drivers from Ukraine on our team. Indeed, “Drivers from Ukraine” is our newest project and these drivers have shown us their best side – being conscientious and highly dedicated and reliable workers. We are certain that they will meet all your expectations. We specialise in driver recruitment but we only recruit those that meet the highest requirements, which guarantees that they will fulfil all your expectations when working for your company. We do not hire random drivers.

From now, we guarantee that all your truck driver staffing needs will be fully met!
No more holiday leave, sick leave and absenteeism problems!
No trade unions!
No employee administration costs!
Flexible hire options for one-off jobs are also available!
Simple working time settlement system!
No recruitment fixed costs!
Stability of employment!
We take responsibility for our team and guarantee high quality services each and every time!