The Importance of PKZ: A Key Document for Truck Drivers

A professional driver’s profile, known as PKZ, is a very important document for truck drivers. It allows one to start training for professional driver qualification (code 95), without which working as a professional driver is impossible. PKZ is essential both for Polish drivers and foreign drivers who work in the territory of our country.

In the case of foreigners, who want to work as truck drivers in Poland, getting PKZ can be a problem. Why? There are a few reasons. First of all, to obtain PKZ , a driver needs to meet the requirements. A driver needs to have entitlements to drive vehicles, that is category C or C+E, and also documents which contain required information to get PKZ (professional driver’s profile).

Some of the drivers from outside of Poland may have problems with obtaining PKZ because of lack of required documents. However, you need to remember that PKZ is essential to start working as a truck driver in Poland, so you should make every effort to get it.

Truck driver

For every driver, PKZ is a document that confirms their professional qualifications and entitlements to drive trucks. It is essential to perform the work in the transport industry. That’s why transport companies should make sure that their drivers have all documents required for work.

However, companies often have problems obtaining PKZ for their drivers, especially if the drivers are from outside of Poland. In such a situation, it’s worth using the help of companies engaged in obtaining PKZ for overseas drivers. Such companies have appropriate experience and knowledge about procedures and requirements related to obtaining PKZ for foreigners.

One of such companies is Work Partner Service, which is engaged in obtaining PKZ for drivers coming from different countries, including India, Nepal or Pakistan. Cooperation with such a company will allow to obtain PKZ for the drivers fast and skillfully, without unnecessary formalities and problems.

It is worth paying attention that the process of obtaining PKZ for overseas drivers can be time-consuming and complicated, and mistakes during the process may lead to a delay or even the loss of an employee. That’s why it’s worth using the service of specialists, who deal with that daily.