Truck driving jobs in Poland – driving licence, code 95 for drivers all the way to the first freight.

Are you a driver from outside the EU? Maybe you’ve tried googling the phrase “work for an Indian truck driver”? Are you looking for legal employment and a company that would facilitate all the formalities? Truck driver job in Poland is what you are after? Then buckle up and join us for a ride with Work Partner Service.

Looking for stable employment and good pay? You found the right place!

We are aware that many drivers from abroad, outside the EU, may have experienced unfair treatment and a lot of red tape, essentially forcing them to give up their dreams of becoming a CE driver in the EU. Perhaps you already hold a driving licence issued in your country of origin and want to start work as truck driver job in Poland?

Truck driver job in Poland – Full time employment for truck drivers from outside the EU

What are you interested in? Stable job? international transport? Very good pay? Different kinds of semi-trailers? We offer employment on British, German and Scandinavian freight lanes. We cooperate with companies that specialize in domestic and/or international transport. They differ one from another in terms of the types of semi-trailers used, system of work and location. Let us know which option appeals to you and we will handle the preparatory works.

Truck driver’s work as a part time job?

Can a CE driver work part time? How can it be? It very much can if you work with us. We have a range of part-time job offers. You decide which days of the week you wish to work on, indicate weekends or weeks in the year that suit you best. You can work just one day a week or hit the road for a few days, or even a bit longer. You decide which system works best for you. You can work under a contract of employment or run your own business activity. It does not matter. All you need to do is submit your application and let us know what type of work you prefer and state your availability. Sounds interesting?