Find Your Perfect Truck Driver Job in Poland

The pay doesn’t quite meet your expectations? One day you turn on your laptop, type in „truck driving jobs in Poland” and… you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of offers in whole Poland and outside the country. That’s what it looks like these days – there aren’t enough drivers and job offers are piling up. How to find the dream one, the right one, and not waste time and effort on unproductive and ill-conducted job interviews? Read on to find out.

First question – permanent employment and stability?

If you are looking for a job for a longer period of time or something more permanent, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of semi-trailers, from canvas trailers, through reefers and insulated trailers all the way to cisterns. Also, we are proud to say our offer extends to include all types of work. You wish to work full time all year round? We are happy to oblige. It is up to you to decide what kind of truck driving jobs and system of work suits you best. You can be employed under a job contract or run your own business activity.

Truck driver job

Part time job is out of question? Not a problem! You will travel tens of thousands kilometres with us and – what’s important – always by the book and with solid pay. We deliver cargo all across Europe, from Scandinavia to Italy and from Poland to Spain – there is no such thing as a shortage of work. Our database of affiliated haulers includes companies seated in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. Drivers transport goods on behalf of Danish, Austrian, German and Polish forwarders. Our drivers haul cargo contracted by our partners in cisterns, reefers and canvas trailers.

Job interview for a truck driver

You have attended dozens of job interviews and somehow each time the reality had little to do with what was promised? Not on our watch! We go straight down to business because we deeply care for real, meaningful cooperation. We are going to talk about your experience, expectations and qualifications. We will tell you what the job is really like, discuss how to prepare yourself and, most importantly, walk you through the plan for your first transport routes with a supervising driver. Owing to the fact that we cooperate with numerous companies, we have always a few options as truck driving jobs!

Are you looking truck driving jobs?

Do you seek stable employment and a solid base to plan ahead? A solution that will most likely prove ideal is working on fixed lines. Our offer includes jobs on domestic and international routes, with various types of semi-trailers. If oversize cargo sounds enticing to you, we can provide this kind of challenges as well. Are you looking for a job in transport companies operating at our western neighbours? Our partners deliver goods domestically and internationally. They differ in terms of the type of semi-trailers used, system of work and location. During the job interview you are bound to find something to your liking.

200 employed drivers, services rendered to 25 transport companies, total of 27 000 000 kilometres travelled – these numbers speak for themselves. Join us!