Job offers for truck drivers from India in a Polish transport company

Are you a driver with category C or C+E driving licence looking for a job in Poland? If you think that starting work as a truck driver right away is not doable, clearly you haven’t worked with us. We have what you need – work on regular routes, which ensures stable employment and makes it easier to plan things ahead, or varied routes, be it domestic or international, with different types of semi-trailers. If you are pursuing challenges involving oversize cargo, we can arrange those too.

Truck jobs in Poland – why should you go with Work Partner Service?

Work Partner Service is a company set up by experts in various branches of transport and management of human resources. Prior to its establishment we had gained considerable experience, among other things, working for the ADR network – UK and a number of transport companies operating in various European countries. Thanks to that we are well aware of changes in the transport and logistics sector as well as the importance of proper management of human resources. We offer both full-time and part-time employment, for inexperienced drivers and those who know the ins and outs of the industry alike.

Where will I go as a driver in the EU?

We deliver cargo all across Europe, from Scandinavia to Italy and from Poland to Spain – there is no such thing as a shortage of work. Our database of affiliated haulers includes companies seated in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. Drivers transport goods on behalf of Danish, Austrian, German and Polish forwarders.

Truck driver job – legal employment in Poland

See the statement above? That is what our company stands for. We provide our employees with a package of training courses. In accordance with the EU resolution 561/2006, the drivers undergo training in professional competence for cargo transport as well as complete their medical and psychotechnical examination. You will obtain all the documents required for work in the European Union – contract of employment in several languages, additional insurances and policies. Where necessary, we also have designated representatives of all member states of the Union. Once all the formalities are handled, it’s time to proceed with the actual training, starting with a practical course in truck driving with a semi-trailer, filling in transport documents as well as documents related to custom clearance in Switzerland.

Truck driver’s training goes beyond code 95 professional competence course

Our professional training takes place under a watchful eye of another driver, who takes on the role of an instructor and offers support on the spot. This way you will learn all the crucial aspects of the truck job in Poland inside-out. We provide work both in the domestic and international arena, each representing a very different development path. We have been cooperating with our partners for several years now so you can be sure that the whole training package will grant you the experience and professional competences essential in this line of work. With our help obtaining all the required documents will be a breeze and you will have your certificates of medical and psychological examination as well as code 95 certificate of professional competence in no time.

Equipment in an European truck and available semi-trailers

The truck is a home-away-from-home for a professional driver. There is a place to sleep, prepare a meal, relax, watch a film and spend time in peace during breaks before hitting the road again. The cab comes with compartments to store your possessions. In most trucks you can charge your phone or laptop. If you go international, you will probably spend your weekends resting up in the cab so you don’t have to worry about finding accommodation with a truck parking area. Also, we have a wide range of various semi-trailers at our disposal, including canvas trailers, refrigerated trailers and cisterns. There are all sorts of opinions posted on the internet arguing which option is the best but, truth be told, it is a very individual matter and what suits your fellow truck driver may not necessarily work for you. That is why we will present our fleet to you – along with all the pros and cons – already at the early stage of cooperation and training how looks like truck driver job in Poland.

As you can see we do not shy away from tackling any matter that may trouble a truck driver from outside the EU how to start truck driver job in Poland . Feel free to contact us If you want to learn more and set out on a journey with Work Partner Service.