Truck driving jobs – is it something for me?

For many years Poland has been undisputed leader in the sector of transport and logistics. What more, we have opened up to foreigners who need truck driving job, and we now offer employment to people outside the EU.

If I wish to work as a professional truck driver, do I need to have relevant experience? How much can I earn in transport. What requirements do I need to meet in order to drive a truck? There are many doubts and misconceptions we seek to address in this expert series of articles exploring the work of a professional truck driver in Poland and the EU. Today we are going to take a closer look at the essentials that you need to be aware of when you looking for truck driving jobs.

CE professional driver – what does truck jobs in Poland and Europe look like?

It goes without saying, it is a very responsible job. A truck driver, regardless of whether he or she works in Poland or the EU, needs to deliver cargo to the designated place within the imposed time limit. Drivers are also required to monitor the technical state of their vehicle as well as petrol consumption, occasionally handle road checks and present relevant documents to the authorities. Moreover, the driver has to be ready to deal with all manners of road and weather occurrences. Remember that the work of a CE driver is divided into domestic and international transport, which translates into differences in employment, required documents, remuneration and time spent behind the wheel.

Work hours of a Poland truck driver jobs

Don’t worry – work time in every company is subject to very specific regulations. In the European Union work time of truck drivers is stipulated in Resolution (EC) no 561/2006. Workhours of a driver are not restricted to just driving. The list of tasks includes taking various kinds of actions related to freight forwarding, maintenance of the vehicle and semi-trailers, handling formalities, loading, unloading, securing the cargo and, of course, resting.

Formalities for truck jobs

A citizen of Poland who wishes to drive on domestic roads faces fewer formalities than a foreigner who wants to become a truck driver – be it in domestic or international transport. Obviously, a proper driving licence is a must. Here we are referring to the driving licence of category C or C+E . Category C carries the right to drive a road vehicle whose mass exceeds 3.5 tonnes, without a trailer. As you probably guess, in order to legally driver a truck with a trailer you need to hold a category C+E driving licence. Prices for respective categories vary depending on the voivodship and city. You need to bear in mind, however, that CE driving licence by itself won’t be enough. There are other documents and certificates that are required depending on the routes. These will be discuss in the next article.

Remuneration of a truck jobs in Poland and Europe

The new rules of remuneration for the CE drivers indicate specific rates for performed work. The pay in international transport is certainly higher than in domestic freight, but that goes hand in hand with longer routs and more strict formal requirements. Moreover, some enterprises seek to employ individuals who command a specific language. One should note that the new regulations also stipulate the minimum rates, which ensures a decent pay for work.

Relevant credentials and licences, work time regulations, remuneration and the driving licence category – these are the essentials, the most important bits and pieces you need to know about your prospective work as a CE driver. So what do you think? Would you like to learn more? More articles on truck driver’s work in Poland and the EU coming soon.